Everything built is broken someday

It started with an old power amp that I bought adhoc purely from my AEAS (Audio Equipment Acquisition Syndrome). It was 40 yrs old Harman Kardon Citation 12. If I didn’t pay my tuition, I would have bought a better one, but… anyway in a short story, it was broken and repair shop couldn’t find the parts to fix it.

After several days after I finally gave up with HK amp, my Shure earphone got broken. I guess inner connection of one side has a problem. It has 2 years of warranty – replacement without any question if there is any issue. Funny (not actually funny) that it started to show the problem after 2 years and 20 days since I bought.

Almost at the same day, one side of my audio system started to make noise. It was Carver power amp that I use for a while. It was 20 years old. I expect that someday I need to replace some parts. But why this time?

When I tried different connection with the audio equipments to find out where the problem was, the stepped attenuator that use for volume control got an issue with a channel. Luckily, I could fix it.

Next turn was my school netbook. Oneday, the netbook went down. After that instance, it refuses to boot up. When Windows booting screen shows, phew, power goes down. I can fix software issue, but not hardware.

Since I needed one for school exam and didn’t want to spend money, I tried my son’s laptop. It is 3 years old and he haven’t used it for a while. Bad luck. Network connection doesn’t work.

Finally, my company laptop, which is my last resort for exam, started to show problem. It freezes once a day without any pattern. Nothing can be done except hard boot. How can I trust this one for exam? If it freezes during exam, it will ruin the whole term.

Everything happened in last month. I feel that anything I touch is being broken. What’s going on? I know it was just a series of bad lucks. But still … why this time?


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