Hang on, and ye shall take the flight

Recent incident of my colleague reminded me of my first trip to India. The day was one of the most dramatic and eventful moments. Here is the story.


Tuesday July 29, 2008
I sent necessary documents to a travel agency in New York for Indian visa application. The administrator of my company assured “It will come in two days usually. But to be safe, reserve your ticket on next Monday.”

Friday, August 1
The travel agency called me. “Visa will be processed today. Don’t worry.”

Saturday, August 2
Expected to get visa and passport. But didn’t come. Started to worry.

Sunday, August 3
Sent an e-mail to the travel agency. “I didn’t get my passport yesterday. When are you going to send it? I must leave tomorrow.”

Monday, August 4   9:30AM
Got a call from the travel agency. “Visa came out too late on Friday. You must postpone your travel.” “If you got it on Friday, why didn’t you send it?” “We don’t work during weekend.” “What? No way. Send it right now!” “If I send it now, it will arrive after 2:00 pm, and it is not guaranteed.” “Send it though. It will be very complicated if I can’t leave today.” From New York to my town takes 4 hours at least. Started to worry… a lot.

Called United Airline to see if there is any flight on next day. No seat available.

10:00AM ~ 1:00PM
Got several calls from the boss and colleagues in India. “Are you sure you can leave today? The flight is at 4:15 and you are still at your home.” “If I can get the passport before 2:15, I can make it. Don’t worry.” “Wow. You are so optimistic.” “Maybe… :(”

No news. Canceled taxi reservation. Almost gave up.

Waiting on driveway, outside of my house. Called travel agency with little hope. Got the phone number of delivery service. Called the office and ask them to go to the airport directly. Could save at least one hour if I got the passport at the airport. Called a taxi.

Left home to the airport.

Arrived at the airport. Got a call from the delivery man saying that he would late for 10 min. It would give me 55 min before departure 🙂

He didn’t come. Called him. Late for another 10 min. 55 min to departure… of international flight.

Checked in the baggage after explaining the situation. She said “you need to bring your passport in 10 min.” I said “Sure.”

Got a call. “I went to 1st floor by mistake. I will come to 2nd floor.” I cried “It will take more time. I will come down. Wait there!!” “I am already on my way.” … This Son of B****

Didn’t show up. Not answering his call either. 40 min to departure 😦

Finally he arrived. Didn’t have time to say anything. Got passport and ran to the desk. They were waiving their hands. I guess that was the last minute.

3:50PM, 25 min to departure
On Board !!! 🙂



Ask, and it shall be given you;
Seek, and ye shall find;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you;
Hang on, and ye shall take the flight.


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