Habit – Friend or Enemy

During last 20 years, I put huge effort on time management, personal productivity, and organizing stuffs. I read many books (GTD, 7 habits, getting organized, 20/80 principle, …). I tried many systems – methods such as Franklin system, Moody or GTD – tools such as  palm, blackberry, outlook, RTM, or plain note. Even I made my own planner pages. As far as for knowledge of personal productivity, I can write a book.

The effort is not in vain. My life is probably messier if I didn’t try. The lessons from those systems are carved in my brain. Every time, I ask myself “What are my values?” or “What is big rock for this week?” or “What should I do at this context?.”

However, my daily life is not well-organized. Still I forget things. I fail to meet my commitments. I find excuses for not doing things.  Worst thing is that I do procrastinate.

As I read ZTD (Zen To Done), I realized that I didn’t change my habits. Yes. My life style has been improved. At least, I pursue to be a better person. I continuously evaluate myself and try to find a better way. But many times I stop there.

Habit is the key. Habit can be the best friend or the toughest enemy. Wanting to organize is not enough. Knowing how to be productive is not enough. I must make them as my habits.

So I am making habit change as my top priority. One month is needed to make (or change) one habit.  In this month, I will focus on two habits. #1. Collect and #4. Do from ZTD.  ‘Collect’ is writing down everything to empty my head, so that unfinished stuffs do not bother my head. ‘Do’ is to focus on one thing at a time and not to do multi-tasking. Both are my weakest points. Specially ‘Do’ part.

I start the change with writing down my commitment here. Anyone who read this posting, please cheer me 🙂 If you know me personally, please provide your feedback. I really need it. Changing habit is not easy. It’s like quitting smoke or alcohol. A little push will be appreciated.


One Response to Habit – Friend or Enemy

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