Ninja Assassin

Watched Ninja Assassin on the next day after its release. I like this kind of movies, manga style. But bigger reason was Rain. I like him. Of course, he is Korean and I am Korean. So nationality played some role. But it is not all. I don’t like all the singers and actors of Korea. Actually I like only small number of entertainers, and Rain is one of them.

He is known as the person who worked hard to make his dream. “If I sleep now, I can dream. But if I don’t sleep, I can make my dream.” He kept this quote in his mind, when he was trained to be a singer.

This movie a quite killing movie 🙂 Someone summarized the move in one sentence. “So many ninjas are shown in the movie. One got injured. All others are killed.” Action scene is good. Sometimes not realistic. But it’s OK. Anyway you don’t think it is real.

I saw several critics complained about the story. Stupid. What do you expect from this type of movie? Usual Suspect? Schindler’s List? Saw? I saw many movies with weaker story. The story of Ninja Assassin is as complex as most of James Bond movies.

You can see from this movie how Rain worked hard. His movement is very good. His body is even better 😉 One complaint is he didn’t smile in this movie. I know he is quite cute when he smiles. But he will need to overcome English speaking to take other role than fighting.

One warning though. It is really violent and gory. So much blood and body pieces everywhere. Not recommended to kids. Also you would like to watch something else after this movie, such as romantic comedy or human story of saving people. Neutralization needed.


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