The Biggest IF

This morning I drove into a big puddle. I was giving a ride to my daughter to her school. The car stopped in the middle, got towed to a garage.

As I reflect the incidents, there are so many ‘if’s. If I knew that I should drive very slowly in puddle… if my wife brought her cell phone so that I could ask alternative way… if my son did not ask to send his missing homework file that gave me a mental rush… if I had bought hair spray last night so that my wife did not go to a store this morning and gave ride to my daughter as usual…

But the biggest ‘IF’ is ‘if I didn’t make the stupid decision to drive through the puddle.’

I had to push the car out of puddle. I had to ask an unknown lady who wisely turning around to take my daughter to her school. I had to call AAA to tow my car to a garage. I had to pay extra miles for towing because the membership is basic. I will have to pay repair cost. I had to hear complaint and probably more to come from my wife which I deserve. My family will have inconvenience because there is only one car.

For all the issues, I have many excuses. There are so many ‘if’s. But I know that I don’t have any viable excuse, because I made the biggest ‘IF.’ I accept that it was me who caused this mess.


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