Letter of the Day – Jul. 21, 2010

Timmy, Janey,

As you know, I have so many things to tell you 🙂 But in many cases, it becomes a preach and it is usually boring. So instead of talking to you directly, I decided to write a letter. I hope I can do it every day. But please forgive me if I miss a day or two.

Before I go to today’s topic, do you know why I write a letter? What is difference between letter and conversation? Letter is one-way communication. Unless the receiver stops to read, the sender has a chance to tell what he wants. He can build up story, counter argue for any possible attack, and make conclusion as he wants. So if you use it wisely, letter has power that conversation doesn’t.

Hmm…. I am not saying it because I wanted to use the power to you. It just hit my mind, because I teach the difference to my mentees all the time. Right. I want to be your mentor 🙂

This morning, when I gave ride to Janey and Grace to Brooks Academy, I thought about my situation. Specially I concerned about my financial security. As you know, we survive financially, but we are not at comfortable level. Many times, your mom and I worry about money. I am not happy about that.

I fantasize time to time about what I will do if I have a million. You know, some people get a million from their parent as a ‘gift.’ Or you can get the money from lottery. This is a secret. I bought lottery for $2 last week. And I got $0 back 😦

But I know that the thinking is not helpful at all. Because that kinds of luck will not happen . I don’t have parents who can give a million. God doesn’t allow to get free money through lottery. I have to work hard to make money.

I know that what I am is result of my decisions. Everyone makes decisions. Probably thousands a day including one or two life changing decisions. I made many decisions. And here I am.

I am not in bad situation. There are many people who needs more help than me. But I could be better. And I can’t blame anyone for that. I made what I am.

So I want to ask you to make wise decisions. It requires hard work to becoming better. You need to look for all the time what the best available option is. Don’t just look at today. You need to foresee months, years, and decades later. Hehe… too much for your age. Even I can’t do that all the time. But lesson is lesson, right? It is one of important lesson that I want you to know.

Don’t worry. When you make decision, you have a guideline. It is not from me or your mom. It is not from your teachers. It is from God. God is true righteousness. Think what God wants you to do. If you think it whenever you make a decision, you won’t fail.

OK. This is for today. Have fun and Enjoy !!



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