Letter of the Day – Jul. 24, 2010

Hi guys.

I couldn’t write a letter because I spent too much time on driving. So I am writing this one early in the morning. Well… 8:41 is not really early, but it’s early for me on Saturday morning.

Timmy said about the Grace of God. Mercy. His continuous Love to us That’s true. I have same reason to believe Him.

When I get this kind of question, I say two things.

The first one is philosophical one. I had thought about this world. How it was made. How it maintains. What the meaning of life is. Many of them are scientific observations. From many facts, I can’t think of the world without God. God is … so graceful. Without God, you can’t explain the world. With God, this world became so beautiful. Without Him, there is no ‘true righteousness.’ When there is no true north, the world will be real mess. Because He gave consciousness, the world could maintain.

He is true Righteousness and true Love. He wants us to be Holy as Him. He wants us to live to grow to his Righteousness. But He also knows that we can’t. That’s why He sent Jesus. Because He loves us so much, He provided a way to us to be saved.

As I think more and more about Him, the whole story amazes me. So perfect and so graceful.

But belief is not all about theory or story. Once you lived it, you don’t need theory 🙂 God showed me so many wonderful things. I saw my family (meaning your grandparents and aunts). He changed your mom’s family too. He saved your mom and Timmy. Without his mercy, all of you wouldn’t exist.

Belief is ‘rich gets richer, poor gets poorer.’ When you believe Him and depend on Him, He will give more mercy. When I depend on Him, He shows me a way. He changed the situation or me and guide me through His way. As you pray more, you get more Grace and you believe more. Really you have to try it and live on it.

That’s why I believe in him. I know He exists and I experienced Him through my life. I pray you have same belief.



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