Letter of the Day – Jul. 30, 2010


It’s been a while since the last e-mail. I was busy AND I was lazy. I should put writing to you in front of anything else. But I didn’t. I am sorry about that.

Last time, I wrote why I believe God. There were two reasons – one is from philosophy and one is from experience. The big part is His Love. He always loves us.

However, I have learned that you need to understand the Love carefully. Of course, His Love is unconditional. It is not like ‘I will love you when you get all A’s’ 😉 He loves us even though we fail. He loves you even though you were kicked out of camp. He shows His Love no matter what we did. It is really unconditional love.

Still, don’t confuse ‘unconditional’ love with ‘purposeless’ love. He has a specific purpose with His Love. Everything has purpose with Him. Do you know what the purpose is? He wants us to be right. He wants us to be like Jesus. He wants us to be holy. That is the purpose of His Love. He wants us to be changed. He wants us to turn back from the sins and to move in the direction to Him.

So, even though He will always love you, you need to ask to yourself “What will I do with the Love?” “Am I living a better life?”

It means you dropping bad habits. It means that you cut something that gives you a bad influence. It means that you bring your friends who are still in sin or you leave them. You can not say that “I love God” and still don’t want to be changed. His Love changes people. If you are not changed, you are not accepting His Love. It is just using Him.

A little bit scary, right? Don’t worry. Even though we don’t change, He still loves us. He will not turn His face from us. But, here is one scary point. If someone doesn’t change, even though she goes to Church, she may have ‘fake’ belief. James said “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

So, we need to watch ourselves carefully. At least once a day, before you go to sleep, look back and ask if you lived the life that your God wants from you.

Trust me. There is real happiness when you live the life that God planned for you. I really wants all of our family live the life.

With love,


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