Habit Change: 1st Target – Getting Rid of Distractions

For recent several years, I have struggled from bad habits. They are including lack of focus, multi-tasking, procrastination, and urge to check SNS and news. It was not bad at the beginning. Even though I used internet, I could control easily. I had good focus. But ironically as I have more load from work and study, I lose focus more.

I don’t know which one came first. Lack of focus? Or procratination? Anyway, they are each sides of one coin. When I don’t have focus, I procrastinate. In order to procrastinate, I open myself to distractions.

There were several attempts to change my habit with some success. But sooner or later, bad habits come back. Sometimes I see myself watching movies even though final is several days away 😦 I know it is to avoid pressures. I know the theories of procrastination. I can diagnose myself … But still MY BEHAVIOR IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Here I try again. I don’t remember how many tries I made before. It doesn’t matter. This must be the last one. My first target is getting rid of distractions since there are many developed over the years.

Tweeter consumed my time, sometimes a lot. I had good number of followers. I used it to share my thoughts on self-development, politics, and other not-right topics. It was not total waste of time. But I let it go. More harm than benefit.

News portal consumed my attention. It’s gone. No urge to check it multiple times a day.

Politics of my home country was important to me. Now I put it in the good hands of people in the land. Anyway, I can’t even vote in Korean elections.

Facebook will continue. There are good connections – friends, classmates and collegues. But I will limit my time on it for 10 min per day. I am enforcing myself with ‘StayFocused’ – chrome extension.

I have two blogs. One in Korean and one in English. I care for them, specially one in Korean. Tons of thoughts I put there. Good connections too. But I didn’t write a word on it for a while. I am letting it go too. From now, I will write only on this blog in English.

Still there are unlimited sources of distractions. I need to get rid of them one by one. Oh! I got rid of TV too. There is no cable at my home. Only netflix.

‘Focus’ – free e-book of Leo Babauta is my guide now for this new journey. Once I succeed with first habit change, I will move toward next one. ‘Focus’ – powered by unschedule.


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