Troubled Situation: Second Thought (a.k.a. Christian Version)


Last time, I wrote about how to handle troubled situations. I laid down the best approaches when you are stuck in a difficult situation. I liked it. The three actions you should take in the situation are the best choices, I believe. But, I got another question. Is that it? The thought was very ‘Humanistic’. There was no room for Divinity.

So What?

Last Sunday, my church’s pastor gave a great sermon. Interestingly, the topic was same. How to handle troubled situations. But the conclusion was totally different my writing.

The passage of the sermon was from Exodus where Moses and Israelite were facing red sea and Egyptian army was chasing them. Israelite didn’t go there by a chance. Bible says that God told Moses to bring his people to that place and wait. It was near important army base of Egypt. The instruction did not make any sense. No wonder Israelite complained. But that’s when God showed who HE is – dividing Red Sea so people can cross and making it collapsed with Egyptian army.

With God in the picture, it becomes a totally different story.

Now What?

First, do not fear. You need to trust HE has a plan for you no matter what the situation is. You may be there by your mistake or some force beyond your control. Still have faith. HE can turn the trouble into a blessing. HE is the king.

Second, know your place and know how HE works. In previous posting, I said you need to do your best as if your life depends on it. But Bible teaches other way. Sometimes you should shut your mouth and watch what HE does. It is tricky because sometimes HE wants you to act. You need to know how HE works. A good news is as the situation gets worse and you have less options, HE shows greater things.

Third, grow through the experience. HE turns your trouble into a training. Not just a training. It makes you distinguished. Blessing when you are thrown into a fire furnace transforms you. Again, everything is about YOU. HE wants YOU to grow. What HE cares is only YOU.


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