My Love Interest: Fountain Pen

I am not a fountain-pen-holic. I carry just 3 fountain pen (FP). I possess only 7 FPs total. Well… you may wonder who is FP-holic then 😉 I don’t have very expensive pen. 4 of my FPs are same model. From FPN (Fountain Pen Network) standard, I am just a newbie. Still I love fountain pens. This love interest has been developed for last 5 years. It was natural, I think, because I write writing. Combination of moleskine and fountain pen.

My first FP was Super-Rotax from Germany. I found it in my house one day. Don’t know how it came to my family. Probably owned by my sister. Before that incident, I didn’t like hand-writing. Typing was much more comfortable. I felt pain even with little hand writing. It is still a mystery why I decided to give it a try. Anyway, I bought an ink (Parker Quink Black). Tried the pen. And magic happened! Since that time, I (hand) write with FP for 98% of time.

After Super-Rotax, I found a Parker 45. Probably same route to my family. I used those two for a while. The problem of Super-Rotax is that it is frigile. When I brought it to an oversea trip, it started leaking. I lost Parker 45 also. I looked for alternatives and chose Lamy Safari, which is very cost-effective. Since then, about 5 FPs left me – lost or broken 😦

Here is my pen pouch. Paid $17.97 on Amazon. It was when I lost another Lamy Safari (blue) that I decided to do something about it. I can’t lose a FP for every 6 months. After some thought, I chose to buy a pouch and it worked so far. No more lost pen. I carry 4 pens in this pouch. 3 FPs and 1 roller-ball (RB).

First FP is Lamy Safari Black. This is what I kept for the longest time. Extra-fine Nib, but little bit broad like F. Usually I put black ink. Sturdy and reliable. Light. Good amount of ink. No complaint. It’s like a best buddy to me.

Second FP is Lamy 2000. This is the flagship model from Lamy. 14k gold EF-nib. Unlike the name, this pen has been produced since 1966. Just one minor design change during 45 years. I like its simple and modern look. Nib is very smooth. Large ink capacity that lasts long time. I usually put blue ink in this pen.

Third FP is my old friend, Super-Rotax. After losing 4 of them, I ordered more on eBay. Got a special deal with ordering 4 together. I will put extra care this time not to break them. This pen was one of the reason to buy pen pouch. I put green ink. Nib is ultra-fine, very thin. That is the reason I like this pen.

I got this RB pen from my company. The design is good, but it doesn’t write well. I don’t write with RB, except when I need to press hard, such as writing check. Another reason to carry this pen is for other people when they want to borrow a pen. I don’t mind sharing. Just some people are not used to writing with FP. You don’t want them to press hard when they use your pen 🙂

My love interest to FB will continue. I will add more pens to my collection for sure. But so far, I am quite satisfied with what I have 😉


2 Responses to My Love Interest: Fountain Pen

  1. Bill Chance says:

    NIce entry – I too am a hopeless fountain-pen addict. I have a Lamy 2000 that I bought at an estate sale and I love it. The only pen that I love maybe a bit more is my Sheaffer Pen for Men (I have large hands and like big pens).

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. futureshaper says:

    You’re welcome. And thanks for your comment. I really like Lamy 2000. I didn’t try Sheaffer yet. I don’t have large hands so I am usually fine with smaller size like Lamy or rotax.

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